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A Land to Remember

Art Exhibition by I Putu Bonuz Sudiana at Griya Santrian Art Gallery Through 29 April 2018

Bali News: Bali, Art Exhibtion, Griya Santrian Beach Resort and Spa, Griya Santrian Art Gallery, Putu Sudiana, Bonuz, Nusa Penida
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The Griya Santrian Art Gallery in Sanur Bali located at the Griya Santrian Beach Resort and Spa will host a solo painting exhibition by I Putu Bonuz Sudiana.

Opened on Friday, March 2, the exhibition will run through Saturday, April 29, 2018, open daily from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

The exhibition, entitled “A Land to Remember – Recalling the Land of my Birth,” will evoke stories and anecdotes, both sad and joyful, from the Artist’s birthplace of Nusa Penida.

Putu Sudiana, who is also known as "Bonuz" was born in Nusa Penida in 1972 – the island located a short distance off Bali’s southeast coast. At the time of Bonuz’s birth, Nusa Penida was a vastly different place than it is today. Filled with fields of grass and subject to annual draughts, Nusa Penida suffered extremes of weather. The island had a rustic charm that was both mystical and magical after sunset as it bathed in starlight and ocean breezes. Local people lived from fishing and cultivating seaweed.

In the intervening years, Nusa Penida has become an active center of tourism playing host to villas, restaurants, café and other elements of the local tourism industry.

The rapid development has been the source of inevitable social disruption and upheaval. Open fields have disappeared, trees have been felled, and tradition architecture dismantled to make way for more modern buildings.

Memories from a childhood spent on Nusa Penida and the nervousness at the changes enveloping his birthplace have provided the stimulus for the current exhibition of abstract works of art. Bonuz’s paintings are dynamic and strongly emotive. Strong lines and powerful colors reflect the artist’s unsettled soul born of growing up in a in a place under siege by the forces of modernity as he watched nature fall victim to seemingly uncaring development.

“Dark colors in my painting speak of the destruction of nature my conscience’s witness to a number of things in conflict with my heart. When I am unable to express my frustration and sadness in words, the lines and colors of my paintings are my choice of expression,” said Bonuz.

Tanah Kelahiran – A Land to Remember
An Exhibition of Paintings
By Putu Sudiana “Bonuz”

Griya Santrian Art Gallery
Griya Santrian Beach Resort and Spa
Sanur, Bali

March 2 through April 29, 2018

Open daily (except Nyepi) from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

For more information telephone Ibu Dayu at +62-(0)361-288181 or Email 

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